When playing paddle, customers value the level of the track, so you have to be careful in our tracks.This will influence whether our clients return or not.The care for our tracks will depend on several factors, if it is an exterior, interior track and its use. These factors will be the indicators to know how many times we will have to review and maintain our paddle courts.One of the points to review would be all the tortillería of the structures, tighten and remove if there is any anchorage in bad conditions. This would be advisable to do it annually.Another point to take into account and very important is the state of the grass, ideally it has a layer of sand 2mm high hair. The sand helps to give consistency to the carpet and facilitates the drainage of water, a very important point in outdoor tracks. This will have to be done depending on the use of it.It will be necessary to keep the surface clean since this helps to have a less deterioration.Taking these tips into account, our clients will enjoy this sport and return to our paddle courts.

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