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In this section you will see all the latest news regarding the manufacture of paddle tennis courts, new products for the courts such as Galis lights, doors, covers, materials, artificial grass, networks, structures, etc.

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For PadelGalis, its main motto is to build according to the need and function of each client. But yes, always complying with the manufacturing regulations of the Technical Building Code. We are always up to date with new and better materials, and we are concerned about offering the best quality of courts thought and designed for different types of padel clubs, both for the smallest and the most professional.

By having been manufacturing for this sector for so many years, we have had the opportunity to learn every day and to take care of even the smallest detail, offering the highest quality of our products. For this reason, there are already thousands of sports centers that trust PadelGalis as a synonym of trust and quality.

We take care of every detail from the finishing of the hardware, to the primer of RAL colors, wear resistant glazing, anti-deterioration grass and welding of the profiles. For us, everything has to be perfect.

And if you are passionate about this sport, in this section you will also find the latest news related to the world of paddle tennis, tournaments, important games and players.

Padelgalis at the Padel Pro Show

Track manufacturing

This month Padelgalis has to manufacture 30 paddle courts, of which more than 50% are outside our...

Crystal change

Crystal change

In padelgalis if your glass suffers a break we will change it in less than 24 hours, anywhere in...

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