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More than 10 years
manufacturing padel courts

Our know-how and all these years dedicating ourselves to the manufacture of paddle courts and assembly of paddle courts, guarantee us to be a leading company in the manufacture and assembly of paddle courts (more than 500 manufactured tracks).

We have manufactured and assembled paddle courts in various places, Valencian Community, Gran Canarias, Castilla la Mancha, Murcia, Catalonia, Castilla Leon, Andalucia, Madrid, Aragon, Extremadura, Bilbao, Asturias, Cantabria, Balearic Islands (paddle world championship 2014) …

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Glass exchange for breakage in less than 24 hours

Has there been any mishap in the crystals of your paddle court?

No problem, in PadelGalis we have a glass exchange service in less than 24 hours, so you will not have more than one day the track stopped without being able to practice paddle, do not hesitate to call us at our emergency telephone number 636909728 and in less than 24 hours you will have your glass changed.


We have a web reservation system for your club

In PadelGalis we not only install your paddle tennis courts and keep them, but we also help you manage your sports center in everything you need, how? PadelGalis has one of the largest game management technology via internet.


I don't want to know anything about works, we have the KEY IN HAND product that you need.

Quiet. In PadelGalis we help you manage your sports center, we do the project, we install the paddle courts in addition to conditioning the entire center, from changing rooms to cafeteria, reception room, offices, etc …

We call these projects “LLave en mano”, since the client will only worry about enjoying his sports center.

Discover how many places we have installed …

They are where you least expect it

Pistas en Albal

Family Sport Center

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Some of our work

What customers say about us?

“In principle we doubt very much with whom to make the paddle courts because for an installation of 23 tracks it is not easy to choose the ideal distributor, which meets the deadlines and quality required for the largest indoor in Catalonia and I have to say that PADELGALIS exceeded our expectations not only in the installation but in the after sales service that we have
In need, thank Fran in particular for his good treatment with us. ”


Barbera del Valles (Barcelona), 23 Paddle courts

“We decided to make a reference center in Spain with 11 quality Pandelicas paddle courts and PADELGALIS fully met the expectations, thanks to all the human work group they have porwue were punctual and quality ….”


Ok Pádel Castellón

“We recommend 100% the PADELGALIS company for the quality and human quality they have …. we already buy several courts and each time it surprises more its quality and service despite the distance ….. thanks to the skinny of Fran for treat us so well. ”


Cancun (Mexico)

PadelGalis always up to date

Company dedicated to the manufacture and assembly of sports facilities, being specialists in construction and maintenance of paddle courts.

In Padel Galis we are specialists in the assembly of paddle courts, this is supported by more than a decade working in the sector. Our factory is located in Carlet, (Valencia) from where we propose all the projects and carry out; for its subsequent installation wherever our services ask us. In addition, all our products are nationally manufactured and all our facilities comply with NIDE regulations.

Our works always comply with current regulations in addition to taking into account the technical aspects, we also manufacture so that both players and spectators can enjoy this sport. Our philosophy is that our customers are always satisfied and when they think of paddle courts, they think of Padel Galis. Our trajectory in this national and international sector helps us to guide and advise our clients so that our paddle courts are enjoyed in the best conditions. We are here to help you set up your sports project, if you want we can do a turnkey project.

Key on hand
Have no worries, in PadelGalis we take the project from the beginning to the end, we will always meet your expectations.
Sports Club Management
Thanks to our experience, we have an online booking service for sports centers, it is tested and operating in more than 18 sports centers, you can see it at familysportcenter.
Manufacture and assembly of paddle courts.
In padelGalis, we manufacture the paddle courts ourselves, without intermediaries, thanks to this we can have a very competitive price in addition to complying with the necessary specifications. Each new project is a new challenge for us.
Crystal change in less than 24 hours
Thanks to the fact that we are manufacturers of paddle courts and we have our own factory, we can provide this service, in less than 24 hours you will have your broken glass replaced by a new one, so that the paddle court is always in operation. (Check since this service is not available for all locations).
Installation of covers for paddle courts
In PadelGalis we install all types of cover for your paddle courts, any measure, just ask us and we will advise you. Even if you are not our client, we will be delighted that you are.
In PadelGalis we do track maintenance, what is this maintenance ?.

Lawn Care
Maintenance of the structures.
Weaknesses review of glasses.
Review of water evacuation points.
Lighting system review.

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