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We are a worldwide model in the construction and manufacturing of padel courts.

Courts manufactured in 2017

Courts manufactured in 2018

Courts manufactured in 2019

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More than ten years of experience manufacturing padel courts and supporting this great sport.

Our expertise and experience during all these years that we have been working in the manufacturing and mounting of padel courts ratifies that we are one of the leading companies in our sector with more than 1100 courts built in this last year (2019).

We have built and mounted padel courts over five continents and we have our headquarters in Valencia and in Mexico.

Our main clients are all around Europe, mainly in the Valencian Community, The Canary Islands, Castile-La Mancha, Murcia, Catalonia, Castile-Leon, Madrid, Aragon, Extremadura, Bilbao, Asturias, Cantabria, Balearic Islands (World Padel 2014).

In Europe, most of our padel courts are located in Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and South America. It was such a success that we now have our headquarters in Mexico too.

Moreover, our courts have also been present in big sportive events such as the Master Series Tennis in Italy, Master Series Tennis Sony Open in Miami…

All the hard works has been rewarding as this year, 2020, we are a worldwide model in the World Padel Tour for all season until 2023. The team of PadelGales is greatly passionate about this opportunity and we are designing three exclusive courts for the World Padel Tour.

PadelGalis is still growing, learning and improving as we are passionate about our work and this great sport from the beginning to the end.

In short, we are sure that this year 2020 we will continue growing and we are looking forward to continue this journey in this great sport.

Official World Padel Tour Court


Replacement of broken crystal/glass due to breakage in less than 24 hours. (Only Spain))

Have you had any problems with the crystals of your padel court?

Don’t worry, in PadelGalis we have a service of crystal replacement in less than 24 hours. In fact, you will be able to practice padel again in a short period of time. Do not hesitate to call our emergency number 636909728 and in less than 24hours you will have your crystal replaced.


We provide you with an online booking system for your club.

In PadelGalis, we not only install your padel court and help you preserve it, but we also help you to run your sport club with anything you need as PadelGalis counts with its own online booking system.


“I don’t want to have anything to do with construction works” We have the Turnkey solution that you need.

You don’t need to worry about anything. PadelGalis helps you to run your sport club with anything you need, we design the project, install the court and we also adapt your center from the locker rooms ‘til the hall, including the coffee shop among others.

Discover the places where we have installed our courts.

–PadelGalis is all around the globe–

As you can see in the map, PadelGalis started in Valencia (Spain) manufacturing and installing padel courts and later on we moved to other areas in Spain. We continued growing and thanks to our expertise and by word of mouth, we continued expanding.

As time went by, we expanded and we worked more and more in other areas in Europe, in fact, we even traveled to South America and we established a new headquarter in Mexico. We have even expanded to the United Arab Emirates in Dubai.

We strongly feel passionate about this sport and we love to spread this passion all over the globe as it is passion what drives us to make your Padel dreams come true.

It doesn’t matter that other sports have more media coverage as we strongly believe that padel will become one of the greatest sports of our century. In fact, World Padel Tour will be more popular than ever this year and PadelGalis will partner with them for the season 2020 until 2023.


Pistas en Albal

Family Sport Center



fabricación 4 pistas

2 pistas envío y montaje

Envío una pista panorámica

1 pista modelo Wiso

Fabricación y envío

Instalación y envío

Fabricación de dos pistas


Modelo Pro One

2 pistas modelo Mundial

1 pista modelo Challenguer

Envío de 2 pistas

1 pista modelo Galis

Envío y montaje

Pista modelo Mundial

1 pista modelo Pro One

Envío y montaje

2 pistas

1 pista Pro One

Fabricación, envío y montaje


2 pistas modelo Wiso

4 pistas

2 pistas modelo Galis

2 pistas modelo Challenguer

2 pistas

fabricación y envío

Envío y montaje


Instalación modelo Pro One


2 pistas modelo Wiso

2 pistas modelo Mundial

Instalación de 1 pista

Envío y montaje

2 pistas Galis

Fabricación, envío y montaje

Instalación pistas de padel

Montaje pista padel panorámica

Fabricación y montaje en Córdoba

News from the Padel World

If you want to find out about all the news around the Padel World, you are in the right place.
If you are as interested in the world of padel as us, you can read the latest news around this fascinating world and all about the materials used for the manufacturing and installation of the courts in here.
If you have missed any of the most important latest events or you are curious about the type of materials that are used for the courts, the techniques used and the types of courts, you can check our webpage.

Padelgalis at the Padel Pro Show

Track manufacturing

This month Padelgalis has to manufacture 30 paddle courts, of which more than 50% are outside our...

Some of our works.

This is only a sample of some of our works. We are Padel Manufacturers for more than 10 years.

We operate our business in compliance with all the relevant regulations and we use high quality materials so that our users can take profit from this wonderful sport.
If you are interested in working with us, don’t hesitate it and contact us through the above contact form or send us an email to

What our clients say about us.

“At first, we were very doubtful and we did not now which company to choose as it was a huge installation of 23 padel courts and it meant that we had to choose the best so that the timing and the quality was the best given that it was the biggest indoor in Catalunya. However, I must admit that PadelGalis did an excellent job and it surpassed our expectations not only in the process but also in the after-sale service, in fact we want to thank Fran for his good customer-care skills with us.”


Ivan,Barbera del Valles (Barcelona), , 23 padel courts.

“We decided to make a referral center in Spain with 11 panoramical padel courts and PadelGalis did an excellent job beyond our expectations. We want to thank the whole group for its know-how as they were on-time and they did a great job as well.”


Ok Pádel Castellón

“We strongly recommend padelGales due to its quality in the making and also due to its human quality… We have already bought several courts to them and its quality and service is superb… Special thanks to Fran for his service.”


Cancun (Mexico)

PadelGalis always up-to-date.

Our company is devoted to the manufacturing and mounting of sports facilities and we are expertise in the construction and manufacturing of padel courts.
PadelGalis has become an expert on mounting padel courts can be ratified by the fact that we have been working for over a decade in this sector. Our factory is placed in Carlet (Valencia) where all the projects are analysed and formulated for their later manufacturing wherever our services are required. Moreover, our products are nationally manufactured and all our works are in compliance with all the NIDE regulations.
Turnkey Solutions
You should not worry about a thing, PadelGalis helps you with your project from the very start until the end and we will always fulfill your expectations.
Sports Club Management
Thanks to our experience, we have an online booking service for sports centers, it is tested and operating in more than 18 sports centers, you can see it at familysportcenter.
Manufacture and assembly of paddle courts.
In padelGalis, we manufacture the paddle courts ourselves, without intermediaries, thanks to this we can have a very competitive price in addition to complying with the necessary specifications. Each new project is a new challenge for us.
Crystal change in less than 24 hours
Thanks to the fact that we are manufacturers of paddle courts and we have our own factory, we can provide this service, in less than 24 hours you will have your broken glass replaced by a new one, so that the paddle court is always in operation. (Check since this service is not available for all locations).
Installation of covers for paddle courts
In PadelGalis we install all types of cover for your paddle courts, any measure, just ask us and we will advise you. Even if you are not our client, we will be delighted that you are.
In PadelGalis we do track maintenance, what is this maintenance ?.

Lawn Care
Maintenance of the structures.
Weaknesses review of glasses.
Review of water evacuation points.
Lighting system review.

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